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WPBA Rules and Bylaws

Article I - Name

The organization shall be known as ďWestern Pack Burro Ass-ociationĒ aka WPBA

Article II-Purpose

The purposes of the organization is to promote the donkey breed as part of our family and to foster fellowship and sportsmanship among members through social and sports activities, education and promotion of the donkey breed.

Article III-Membership

1. Membership is open to all donkey enthusiasts, breeders, owners or otherwise.
2. Membership fees, paid on an annual basis; membership year is from annual meeting to annual meeting. The person needs to join prior to the start of the annual meeting to receive benefits and voting privileges at the annual meeting. At the annual meeting, people can join for the subsequent year. Memberships shall be:
a) $15 for Ass-ociate membership-newsletter twice year only.
b) $35 for Individual membership-newsletters, one WPBA gift, one meal at the annual banquet.
c) $60 for family membership (a family membership constitutes all people living in one household together), newsletters, two WPBA gifts, two meals at the annual banquet.
3. Any member who dues shall be unpaid from annual meeting shall cease to be a member and shall forfeit all claims they may have as a member. Any member who dues shall be unpaid after June 1 shall cease to be a member and shall forfeit all claims they may have as a member.
4. Any member may be expelled for cause, upon recommendation of the two thirds of the Officers/Board members, and a majority vote of those members present at any given meeting.
5. No member shall be eligible to hold office in the Association unless they are a member in good standing.
6. Triple Crown
a. Prize money qualification for WPBA sanctioned races: An individual needs to pay their membership in full prior to the start of the Fairplay race, the last Sunday of July, to qualify for the Triple Crown.

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Article IV-Meetings

1. The regular meeting/banquet shall be held annually with specific dates and locations to be announced. Special meetings may be announced at any time and all members notified by either e-mail or mail.
2. The President shall call the meeting to order 20 minutes after appointed time. A motion was passed 10/27/12 to implement and use Roberts Rules for meetings.
3. In all meetings the following order of business shall be observed:
a. Membership attendance signed by membership
b. Reading of Minutes
c. Financial Report
d. Report of Committees/Officers
e. Election Committee/Secretary shall tally any votes and record them into the minutes.
f. By-Law committee shall tally any votes for amendments to the by-laws.
g. Sponsorship Committee
h. Presidentís Report
i. Vice Presidentís Report
j. Unfinished business
k. Public input-items not on the agenda
l. Old Business
m. New Business
n. Call meeting to close.
4. It shall be understood that nothing concerning the activities of this Association shall be projected, either as policy, or action, or finance, without specific authorization by the Officers/Board of the Association.
5. 10 members present and voting shall constitute a quorum. In the event this Association shall disband for any reason, the Officers/Board shall have the authority to disburse the Association properties, and all monies derived from such property shall be donated to organizations or programs designed to promote, educate or adopt donkeys. The choice will be made by the current Officers/Board, by vote, and each member in good standing will be emailed or mailed an explanation of this disbursement.
6. HAM operators meals are paid for by WPBA at the annual/meeting/banquet.

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Article V-Voting

Ass-ociate and Individual memberships constitute one adult vote. Family memberships constitute two (2) votes.
1. Absentee voting shall be by approved WPBA proxy form delivered by sealed envelope via mail or hand delivered to the annual meeting with original signature (see proxy form).
2. WPBA doesnít support voting via email.

Article VI-Officers/Board of Directors (BOD)

1. The Officers of the Association shall be: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Media/Public Relations. If positions canít be filled then Officers shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer.
2. The Committees of the Association shall be chosen as needed by the Officers.
3. The nomination of the Officers/Board shall be made from the members at the annual meeting.
4. A member cannot accept the nomination for more than one office.
5. No officer, individual, or committee shall render the Association liable for any amount of money exceeding the appropriation authorized by the Association. All checks must be signed by an Officer of the Association and Treasurer. The Treasurer shall know all monies spent and shall keep accurate and up-to-date books which will be open to the Association at all times and meetings. A receipt is required for any reimbursement.
6. Officer/Board members may be removed by a majority vote (51%) of the remaining Officers

Article VII-Duties of the President

1. The President shall execute all duties imposed upon them at the time of the election.
2. The President shall see that the By-Laws shall be rightly executed and that other Officers/Board members shall fulfill their duties correctly.
3. The President shall appoint special committees whenever necessary; however, they cannot appoint special committees that conflict with any standing committees.
4. The President shall call special meetings at his/her discretion.
5. The President will be responsible, or delegate the responsibility, for the member gifts.
6. The President shall be responsible for organizing the annual meeting.

Article VIII-Duties of Vice-President

1. In case of the Presidentís absence or inability to act, the Vice-President shall act in their stead.
2. The Vice-President shall be responsible for the planning of all Association programs.
3. The Vice-President shall be responsible for door prizes for the meeting.

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Article IX-Duties of the Secretary

1. The Secretary shall conduct all correspondence of the Association.
2. The Secretary will correspond with the Associationís website manager.
3. The Secretary will produce two newsletters per year or delegate the responsibility to a member.
4.The Secretary will renew the Colorado Periodic Report yearly.
5. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings and charge of the notices of meetings. The Secretary will compile an agenda and distribute to the other officers prior to the annual meeting. The Secretary will be responsible for Thank you cards for sponsors and Awards to be awarded at the annual meeting. The Secretary will bring a signup sheet and member list to the annual meeting and be responsible for signing people in, determining who is eligible to vote, and determining how many meals are paid for by WPBA.
6. The Secretary shall keep all records pertaining to his or her office. The Secretary will keep a list of current members.
7. The Secretary, at the conclusion of the term of office, shall turn over all records kept during the year to the newly elected successor.

Article X-Duties of the Treasurer

1. The Treasurer shall keep all money records of the Association and keep an accurate account of all expenses incurred and all monies received. The Treasurer will present a Treasurerís report at the annual meeting. A motion was passed 10/27/12 to have majority of board approval of all WPBA expenditures.
2. Notify those members who are in arrears with payments of annual dues.
3. Shall keep all receipts and books pertaining to the Associationís monies. A motion was passed 10/9/11 to maintain a $1000 reserve in the WPBA checking account.
4. Shall keep a standing inventory of all the Associationís assets and property.
5. Shall collect all monies payable to the Association of which a complete and accurate account shall be kept in the Associationís checking account.
6. All books and records of the Association shall be open at all times for inspection and examination by members.
7. The Treasurer, at the conclusion of the term of office, shall turn over to the newly elected successor, all monies, books, records and any other property belonging to the Association, with the proper book setup; with both the outgoing Treasurer and the newly elected Treasurer present and doing the checking.
8. Any shortages of money and/or property will be immediately reported to the President who will call a special meeting for a report to the membership.

Article XI-Banking

1. A checking account shall be established for use by the Association.
2. Other accounts may be established as deemed appropriate by the Officers/Board. In all cases accounts will have at least two Officers/Board members with signatory authority.
3. Checks will be issued for Triple Crown winners.

Article XII-Triple Crown winner qualifications

Prize money qualifications for Triple Crown WPBA sanctioned races:
1.) To qualify for the Triple Crown, an individual must win the long courses at Fairplay, Leadville, and Buena Vista with the same burro. There will be a male and female award available.

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Article XIII-Race Rules

The rules, as established by the Western Pack Burro Ass-ociation are as follows:

Each entrant or his sponsor will pay a fee determined by the town race director. The race director will have discretion as to how the entry fees will be used, but is encouraged to use the entry fees for prize money and race expenses. This fee must accompany the entry application and will not be refunded.
No city, private-property owners along the course, sponsoring businesses, governmental agencies, persons or organizations will be responsible in case of accident or injury to contestants. Each entrant must sign a waiver and/or release of responsibility.

The following is the definition of a burro and is to be used in selecting a burro.
The word burro comes from the Spanish word meaning donkey. A donkey is defined as being an ass. They have chestnuts on the forelegs only, while other animals of the same species, such as mules or horses, have them on hind and forelegs. The tail has no hair, except on its lower part, which has a brush. A registered veterinarian shall have the authority to disqualify any contestant and animal that does not match the above description, or whose animal is sick, doped, injured, or mistreated. The veterinarian will check the animal before and after the race. Winning burros can be held in a designated area by the race committee for 30 minutes for checking by the veterinarian.
All runners must keep their burros under control. This is especially true for runners with jacks. Any burro (jacks particularly) that interferes with another runner or burro may be disqualified.
Each burro will be required to be equipped with a regulation pack saddle packed with prospector's paraphernalia and must include a pick, shovel, and gold pan. There shall be no minimum weight requirement for burros measuring 40 inches or less at the shoulder. For all others the combined weight of the pack saddle and paraphernalia shall be a minimum of 33 pounds.
It is strongly recommended that all participants carry at least one quart of water, food (an energy bar), and clothing (such as a windbreaker). Water, food and clothing worn during the race shall not be part of the 33 pounds. This weight will be checked at the start and finish of the race. Loss of all or part of the pack and paraphernalia will eliminate the contestant.
The burro must be outfitted with a strap- (leather or synthetic) or rope-style halter. The runner may only be attached to the burro with a single lead rope that does not exceed 15 feet in length (measured from the end of rope to tip of buckle). The lead rope may only be connected to the halter tie ring (or tie loop in the case of a rope halter) and may not be affixed to the saddle or to any other part of the burro.
Jack chains may be used only if used with a pressure-release technique. (A jack chain is a chain or strap which is used to apply pressure over the muzzle, under the chin, or through the mouth.) Any racer coming across the finish line with nose and/or chin injuries on the animal resulting from the jack chain will be disqualified.

Any contestant mistreating his animal may be disqualified. No needles, electric prods, narcotics, clubs or whips, other than the halter rope, may be used.
The race route must be followed. It will be marked by signs, people, or aid stations. Do not cut across switchbacks. Any burro leaving the course must be returned to the course without shortening the distance of the course. Any runner becoming separated from their burro (i.e., burro and runner are no longer racing as a connected team or unit) must return to the place they became separated before continuing the race. Failure to follow these rules will result in disqualification.

Veterinary checks:
WPBA recommends veterinary checks be done before every race.

Contestant and burro starting the race must remain a team throughout the contest. No assistants will be allowed to accompany any team.

The winning combination consists of man, or woman, and burro which must cross the finish line as a unit. The man or woman may be leading or following the burro but the burro's nose crossing the finish line first constitutes the winner. The runner may push, pull, drag or carry the burro. The contestant shall at no time progress except under his own power.

Should a contestant be disqualified by a race official, he may continue the race (a second offense will definitely put him off the trail) and he may appeal his grievance to the race director. The decisions of the race director will be final.
In the event of a tie, the prize money involved, if any, will be equally divided by the contestants involved.

Carrying and use of firearms will not be permitted.

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Article XIV-Duties of the Media/Public Relations Officer (MPRO)

1. The MPRO shall be responsible for obtaining and distributing positive information about WPBA and its efforts to promote the Associations purpose.
2. To announce all events hosted/sanctioned by the Association by sending out emails, and posting on Facebook and coordinating with Associationís website manager.
3. The MPRO will be in charge of updating, posting, managing and responding to the Facebook sites of the WPBA (Pack Burro Racing, Coloradoís Summer Heritage Sport and Western Pack Burro Racing sites).
4. The MPRO shall contact/receive information from clubs, newspapers, radio, magazines and other public media venues where the purpose of the WPBA may be included.
5. The MPRO will assist at all Association functions, or appoint a representative and let the Association know who that representative will be.
6. Responsible for obtaining and maintaining sponsorships.

Article XV-Amendments

1. These By-Laws may be altered, amended, repealed or added to by an affirmative vote at the annual meeting , or by a majority (51%) of members at any time.
2. All propositions to alter or amend these By-Laws shall be submitted in writing, or email, each member receiving a copy of such proposed amendments, by mail, or email or posted to the Associationís website to be acted upon at the next regular meeting, or special meeting called by the President within 30 days notice.
3. Such amendments must be approved by a majority of members present at the next annual meeting, or special meeting called by the President.

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