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President:  Eric Lynn

Secretary, Membership Information: Melanie Layton 720-560-3556

Treasurer: Joe Polonsky

Vice-President:  Michael Mewes

Newsletter Editor:  Maple Taylor

Media Relations:  Brad M. Wann    303-906-2269

WPBA Historian:  Shelley Hall    970-390-8752

For questions about training your own burro with seasoned pack burro racers prior to racing or looking to rent a running burro, please email Amber Wann at:

Keep in mind these races are mainly run by individuals or families that own their own burros, but some might have extra available. Amber will try to connect you with a running burro based on ability and availability to TRAIN. Not all burros are created equal in running speed or handling and training will ensure a safer race even for those with new burros who have not experienced running in a herd prior to their first race. Amber will be happy to connect new burro owners with seasoned burro race owners in their area to connect for training opportunities. Also, if you are a burro owner and would like Amber to help find you a runner for these races to run with your burro, please email her as well.